Is CCTV a Good Idea For Office Security?

If you own your own business or manage an office, then you may find that petty crime is an issue. As well as employees and visitors potentially pilfering from your offices, there is also the issue of burglars who might want to break in at night when the business is closed. In order to prevent both of these issues, there are a number of different security measures that are possible to take. Read More 

Benefits of an alarm system

Feeling safe in your home is a priority for all homeowners. An alarm system meets this priority by ensuring that your home is monitored and that emergency services can be reached if need be. Alarm systems also offer the following benefits. Protect your family A monitored alarm system helps protect your family and property when you are away. If intruders manage to gain access into your home, the alarm will sound, which scares them into running away. Read More 

Access Control: Three Central Tips for Choosing Proximity Card Readers

If you are thinking about acquiring a new access control system, such as Cardax access control, for your commercial building, you should consider choosing a proximity card reader. This type of setup will promote security in your premises by allowing you to regulate movement, especially in sensitive zones. The system is an economical choice in comparison to more sophisticated biometric alternatives. In addition, it is more efficient than a contact card reader. Read More 

Top Benefits of Installing an Alarm System

Alarm systems are designed to alert property owners when a building is invaded by intruders. These smart devices are usually placed in a business or home to secure entry points such as the doors and windows. They also protect the inner chambers of a building that store valuables like weapons, jewellery, art or money. Are you wondering why you still require an alarm system even though your home or business is guarded by security agents? Read More