Advice For Beefing Up the Security of Your Home’s Rear Entrances

Many Australian homes have a back door or one that is at the side of the property. These are convenient for getting into your garden, of course. However, the problem with them is that they are often hidden away from neighbouring properties and the street. This creates a security issue. When you also consider that some residences will also have sliding patio doors or French doors, you will soon realise just how vulnerable the rears of most homes are to potential break-ins. Bear in mind that most habitual burglars will target the weakest part of a home. This is often not your front door which can be seen and which will usually have a high-quality lock.

Which home security systems will make your the rear of your home more secure and decrease the likelihood that you will suffer from a break-in?

Door and Window Alarms

If you do not want to go to the expense of a full burglar alarm security system that monitors movements inside your home, then individual door and window alarms are a good alternative. These are battery-operated devices which require no wiring. One part of the alarm goes on the rear door jamb or the window frame and the other goes on the corresponding opening part. When your windows and doors are shut, contacts in each piece come together and the security system is primed. As soon as someone forces open a door or window without deactivating the device — which is impossible from outside — the contacts come apart resulting in a loud, audible alarm.

Motion Sensor Lighting

Burglars hate being lit up by security systems even if they cannot be seen by anyone. They never know who might be watching or recording their movements. Therefore, setting up a few motion sensor lights that come on whenever anyone is close to your back door is a great way of augmenting your security. They are also convenient for when you are outside at night, of course. Buy ones which are solar-powered since these will work even if the mains power to your home is cut.

CCTV Security Systems

Modern security systems that rely on video surveillance are much more discreet than they used to be. Smaller cameras can be set up which provide very high-quality images that you can view on your computer or smartphone as well as the older-style ones that rely on videotape. These security systems won't make your home look like a fortress but they will provide you with a great deal of peace of mind because they have such a good deterrent effect.

For more information on security systems, reach out to a security company in your area.