Top Benefits of Installing a Centrally Monitored Security System

Most homeowners do not know the options at their disposal when choosing a home security system. In fact, most are surprised when they come across the terms 'central monitored and unmonitored security system'. An unmonitored security system — also referred to as a local alarm — relies on a neighbour to call emergency security services when the alarms are tripped. On the other hand, a centrally monitored security system alerts you and security monitoring operators. This article highlights the reasons why you should install a centrally monitored security system.

Immediate Emergency Help 

When you buy and install a centrally monitored security system, dedicated security specialists are always on the other side, keeping a watchful eye. Therefore, when an alarm comes on, an operator reacts immediately and calls the right emergency help. Additionally, a security monitoring operator provides you with a highly customised emergency dispatch. For instance, if the fire alarm of an unmonitored security system comes on, the chances are high that your neighbour will call the police. However, the alarm-monitoring operator designated to your security system will immediately understand the problem and contact the local fire department. It goes a long way in mitigating any imminent danger posed by a security or safety threat.

Lower Insurance Premium  

Fires, floods, and burglaries pose a threat to your property. Unfortunately, security hazards occur without warning and can be devastating. Luckily, insuring your home can help mitigate the damage caused by the risks. However, insurance companies calculate insurance premiums based on the level of security on a property. As such, you are more likely to pay less premium if your home is highly secure. Central monitored security systems are exactly what you need if you wish to enjoy the insurance benefits. The reason is that the extent of damage is considered low for properties with central monitored security systems since they guarantee immediate help.

24/7 Monitoring  

Modern security systems allow homeowners to monitor their property remotely via mobile devices. It is a welcome convenience, especially for homeowners who spend most of their day away from home. Unfortunately, mobile devices can run low on charge or get damaged, restricting your ability to monitor your home. With central monitored security systems, you are guaranteed 24-hour monitoring by your system vendor. Therefore, you do not have to rely on your smart mobile devices to keep an eye on your home. Consequently, it increases the security of your home, especially when you are away on vacation.

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